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To Readercon I Go!

In just over a week, I will once again be headed to Readercon in Burlington, MA. For those of you who don’t know, Readercon is a wonderful, magical place full of books and people talking about books. This will be my third year attending, and I’ve been consistently impressed with the insightful panels, lovely people, and generally positive atmosphere.

As I have in the past, I’m unofficially and sneakily taking part in programming. On Friday, I’ll be participating in the Circlet Press Group Reading. I haven’t quite decided what I’ll be reading yet, but I’m leaning toward erotica about spies. On Sunday, I’ll be par of the Unlikely Cartography panel, which appropriately enough celebrates the publication of Unlikely Story #9: The Journal of Unlikely Cartography. I’ll be moderating, so my participation will mostly consist of gently prodding the authors of the Unlikely Cartography issue, then sitting back and listening to them say smart stuff. The program descriptions for these two panels appear below, and the full Readercon Program can be found here.

Friday – 9:00 PM – EM – Circlet Press Group Reading. Cecilia Tan (leader). For over twenty years, Circlet Press has been the only publisher specializing in erotic science fiction and fantasy. Contributors to the recent best-of collection Fantastic Erotica and other Circlet books will read excerpts from their work.

Sunday – 1:00 PM – G – Unlikely Cartography. Shira Lipkin, Sarah Pinsker, Carrie Cuinn. This summer, Unlikely Story will publish their Unlikely Cartography issue, featuring stories by Shira Lipkin, Kat Howard, Sarah Pinsker, Carrie Cuinn, and others. Together with editor A.C. Wise, these authors will discuss their stories, and other authors (historical and modern) who similarly explored the cartography of the fantastic. Influences and discussion topics may include Calvino’s Invisible Cities, Eco’s Legendary Lands, Post’s Atlas of Fantasy, Mieville’s The City and the City, and more.

When I’m not actively participating, I’ll be attending panels. I’ve already spotted several I’m excited about, and I suspect I will lament my inability to be in two places at once on multiple occasions over the course of the convention. Aside from panels, I’ll like be hanging out in the bar, hanging out in the dealers’ room, or wandering around in a daze, my head swimming with all the smart things people have been saying about books and speculative fiction. If you see me wandering in such a daze, say hi! I hope to see you there.

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Here Be Dragons

What lies beyond the edges of the known world? Some say dragons, some say the edge of everything. A map can take you there, but can it bring you back again? These are the questions we asked authors to explore when we put out the call for submissions for the Journal of Unlikely Cartography. Not only did they rise to the challenge, the authors in this issue exceeded our expectations, leading us into unknown territory with maps both frightening and beautiful. They delivered maps in hearts, maps through space, maps for running away and finding the way home again, and tales of cartographers – those unlikely creatures who draw the borders of the world. They led us into unknown territories, as all good authors and cartographers do, pointing the way to the wonders where the map ends.

Unlikely Story #9: The Journal of Unlikely Cartography is now live, featuring new fiction by Sarah Pinsker, Carrie Cuinn, Rhonda Eikamp, Kat Howard, James Van Pelt, and Shira Lipkin. We’re delighted with these stories, and we’re thrilled to share them with you. Enjoy!

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Announcing Unlikely Story #9: The Journal of Unlikely Cartography

How is it already almost April? I think someone stole part of March. It’s okay, you can keep it. It was mostly cold anyway, and as much as I love winter, I’m done with it for now. Anywho…

We unveiled the ToC for the next issue of Unlikely Story today. In case you missed it over there, I figured I’d post it here as well. Unlikely Story #9: The Journal of Unlikely Cartography will feature six brand new story by six wonderful authors.

How a Map Works by Sarah Pinsker
All of Our Past Places by Kat Howard
The Occluded by Rhonda Eikamp
How To Recover a Relative Lost During Transmatter Shipping, In Five Easy Steps by Carrie Cuinn
This Gray Rock, Standing Tall by James Van Pelt
The Cartographer’s Requiem by Shira Lipkin

The issue will be out in June, and as always, we’re excited to share these stories with you. Coming up even sooner, and wonderful in a whole different way, is Unlikely Story #8.5: The Journal of Unlikely Acceptances, which is our April Fool’s Day gift to you. What more could you ask for besides a mini-issue full of good authors writing badly on purpose? Because of that whole thing where’s it’s almost April already, it’ll be out in just a few days.

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