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Where I Am Not

Readercon starts tomorrow. I will not be there, at least not in person, but my words will be going on my behalf. The latest issue of Sybil’s Garage, which contains my short story, “Under the Leaves” will be making it’s unofficial debut at Readercon. If you do happen to be going, you should pick up one of the limited number of copies that will be available. Editor Matt Kressel has been working incredibly hard to get issue #7 ready in time, and though I won’t tell you the TOC (it hasn’t officially been announced yet), I can tell you that it is awesome. The issue will have it’s official debut on July 21st as part of the KBG Fantastic Fiction Reading Series. I’m also not going to be there, though I really wish I was. To make up for all the places I’m not going to be, I will be at Victory Brewery this weekend with an awesome bunch of writer-type folks, sucking back Golden Monkeys, so that makes it okay.
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