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World Fantasy Convention Montreal

After much back and forth, giving up, cancelling plans, and re-making plans, I will actually be at the World Fantasy Convention in Montreal in person! Unless something dramatic happens between now and the weekend, of course, but otherwise, I will be there Friday and Saturday and looking forward to seeing other folks who are attending in person. I have two programming items scheduled, so if you happen to be there as well, here is where you can find me!

Reading – Friday – 5:30 p.m. – Outremont 5

My current plan is to read an excerpt from Hooked, which is coming out next year. This will be my first time reading any part of it aloud for other humans, so if you’re into exclusive sneak previews, come join me!

The Power of Speculative Non-Fiction Essays – Saturday – 5p.m. – Virtual
Eugen Bacon, A.C. Wise, F. Brett Cox, Sean Dowey, Angela Keely (M)

We’ll be discussing non-fiction essays and their contribution to the genre. Hope to see you there!

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